WHO: some tips to reduce stress

Here are some tips to reduce stress:

🔹Keep a daily routine Having a daily schedule can help us use our time efficiently and feel more in control. Set time for regular meals, time with family members, exercise, daily chores and other recreational activities.

🔹Get plenty of sleep Getting enough sleep is important for both body and mind. Sleep repairs, relaxes and rejuvenates our body and can help reverse the effect of stress.

🔹Connect with others ​ Keep in touch with family and friends and share your concerns and feelings with people you trust. Connecting with others can lift our mood and help us feel less stressed.

🔹Eat healthy​ What we eat and drink can affect our health. Try to eat a balanced diet and to eat at regular intervals. Drink enough fluids. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables if you can.

🔹Exercise regularly ​ Regular daily exercise can help to reduce stress. This can include walking, as well as more intensive exercise